Sunday, 28 May 2017

Charlie's Tips for Increased Productivity

It is very easy to get distracted in today’s fast moving world. Many of us find it hard to be separated from our electronic friends (me included) and with what seems like an infinite amount of external stimuli all around us it can be very challenging to stay focused.

So today I would like to share with you some of my top tips for increasing your productivity levels:

1-Start the morning with a ‘thank you’. Most of us will wake up each morning in a comfy bed and this in itself is a privilege. Think of all the things you do in the morning which make for an easy start to the day-hot water for a shower, food to eat, electricity…these are obvious things we take for granted, imagine a morning without them.

2-Get your emails and social media fix out the way! After ‘connecting’ with the cyber world and responding to the ‘urgent’ messages in your inbox, try turning your wifi off and limit yourself to specific times during the day when you turn it back on. How important is it to be online all the time? Not to mention distracting!

3-‘Quality not Quantity’. Remember it’s not how long you work for, it is what you achieve within that time. Avoid working hours on end, you often lose your productivity and energy levels working this way, choose instead to work in short bursts making sure you take regular breaks. I like to stretch my legs and swing my arms around but if you fancy something a little more discreet just turn away from your computer screen or find a quiet place to gather your thoughts for a few moments.

4-Recharge your ‘mental’ batteries. By simply taking a few deep breaths and observing the physical process involved, we bring our awareness inwards and learn to reconnect with ourselves. There’s a reason why people tell you to ‘take a deep breath’ perhaps when you’re anxious, or angry because it really does calm you down.

5-Make time for some physical activity. Take a walk, go for a run, have sex! Release your happy hormones and reap the benefits.

6-Drink plenty of water. This is perhaps the thing that keeps me most productive during the day. Staying hydrated is an essential part of living so don’t forget to do it! I always make sure I have a glass of water by my desk when I’m working or if I’m on the go I will always carry a water flask with me. Next time you feel that headache kicking in around 3pm, it could simply be that you’ve forgotten to have a drink of water in the last couple of hours.

I hope you’ve found my blog post useful, do feel free to leave a comment or subscribe!

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