Saturday, 25 June 2016

What Do You Do When Things Don't Go Your Way?

There are two options here:

1-You dwell on the negatives, which can result in self-pity or at worse, cause you to give up!


2-You draw on something positive and pick yourself up. In this case, you can start exploring ways to move forward.

We all face difficult situations in life but it is ultimately up to us to decide how we want to react to them. So if it’s a job you didn’t get, a trophy you didn’t win, or an argument you lost, pick yourself up and don’t waste another moment trapped in the cycle of negativity.

I’m sure some of you might be thinking but how do I do that? Well a great starting point is to make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. This might be for the comfortable bed you slept in, or for the neighbour who said good morning to you. Often it is the little things that go unnoticed that we forget to acknowledge.

I’d like to leave you with a quote by Robert Collier which I believe sums up today’s blog post:

‘All power is from within and therefore under our control’.

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