Monday, 18 April 2016

Mindfulness at Breakfast

Recently I've noticed I've been making breakfast at 100mph! It's like I'm trying to win a race-I mean I am competitive afterall-but I feel it's got a little silly now. So I thought to myself, why not slow down a little? Instead of multi-tasking the kettle, the milk and the bread, why not do one of these tasks at a time. The irony was that by slowing down I was able to prepare my breakfast in what seemed like no time at all.

While pouring the milk on to my cereal, I really focused on the milk leaving the bottle and landing on my cereal. I listened to the sound of the milk making contact with my cereal and was aware of the smells around me. Such a small, trivial task was turning in to something really worthwhile. Sounds a bit weird you might think, but why not try it!

The idea of doing a task mindfully not only makes you more aware of what you are doing but enables you to be fully present in the moment which in today's busy world is a hard thing to achieve. I've started applying this principal to other things such as house work, checking emails and walking to the shops and I'm really beginning to notice the benefits. I would love to hear your thoughts about approaching tasks in a mindful way. Why not give it a go tomorrow when you make your breakfast!

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